A great game 1

Invincibility, what’s that?

It’s what Cliff Lee had when he walked into AT&T Park Thursday night.

He sure didn’t leave with it.

Yes the best pitcher in EVERY SINGLE PLANE OF EXISTENCE gave it up to the Giants’ lineup that is cobbled-together from other team’s refuse. Six earned runs in 4.2 innings is pretty ugly, especially when old guys like Freddy Sanchez and Juan Uribe are doing most of the damage.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. The Giants were not supposed to touch Lee, let alone rough him up. They weren’t supposed to survive a mediocre performance from Tim Lincecum (5.2 innings, four runs, three Ks). San Francisco couldn’t possibly survive against a powerful team like Texas when 18 runs crossed the plate.

But it happened.

The pitching-heavy team won the shoot-out. It doesn’t make much sense, but much of the Giants’ season hasn’t.

The only thing to say, “three more to go.”

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